Monday, March 21, 2011

Young Love

My 6 year old has a girlfriend. They sit together on the bus, play together at recess and even arrange it so they have centers together. Of course by 6 year old standards this means that they are on the road to marriage. I am fortunate to have the time to volunteer in his class so I have been able to meet the little girl in question and she is just as sweet as she could be and a total doll. Every day they plan elaborate play dates that haven't yet come to fruition thanks to baseball practices, CCD classes and errands. As I write this N is moping around the house broken hearted because he can't have a playdate today. This may sound mean but his pouting is cracking me up because it is so dramatic and full of angst and oh so teenager-y. I told him eventually he will have a playdate but I need to meet the little girl's parents first before he can go to her house and she to ours. She lives in the neighborhood so I am sure we'll be seeing her a lot during the summer but for right now that isn't good enough for my lovesick little boy.

Of course I think N is a very handsome young man, kind and considerate and a great catch (not that I am biased) so I expected the ladies to come a-running. I just didn't think that he would have his first love in  Kindergarten!

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