Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's like a shampoo commerical around here!

When you say the words girly-girl, I am the last person who will come to mind. Yes, I played with Barbies as a girl, was in Girl Scouts for about 5 minutes until I was kicked out for refusing to sell cookies and I have been known to genuflect when entering a Sephora but that is pretty much the extent of my femininity. I hate to shop, see shoes as nothing more than things to put on your feet, spas bore the crap out of me and I tend to gravitate toward guys just because I have a masculine sense of humor, especially when it comes to farts. Ok, maybe that isn't so much masculine humor as it is 12 year old boy humor but there is still a maleness factor involved. The one concession I will make to the typical female cliche' is I'll spend a lot on my hair because it requires a good cut and color, even if I go months between cuts because going into a hair salon tends to give me hives. I have Irish and Italian heritage which means I have thick, coarse, very wavy dark hair that is starting to get really gray (I am only 36, so my genes obviously suck). If I get the wrong person working on my hair, I literally look like this chick from the cartoon Dilbert:

Triangle hair Laura is angry!

Imagine the beauty you see above you with about two inches of white roots and you will know the hotness my husband has been living with for the past two months. He is quite the lucky guy. Normally I don't even pay attention to my hair, other than to make sure it isn't sticking straight up in the air, but the other day I looked at myself in the mirror and the combination of super pale skin and white roots made me look dull, tired and frankly horrific. I am fine with the aging process but in this case my outsides looked 50 even though my insides feel 25. I had an uncharacteristic girly moment of panic and called to make an appointment with my amazing stylist (Meredith at RuMM Color Studio in Alpharetta) and this morning she worked her magic on my head. I walked into the salon feeling decrepit and walked out with a spring in my step! What is it about a haircut that just makes you feel so much better about yourself? I am swinging my hair around so much I am going to get whiplash and I can't stop looking in the mirror. It is a gross, rainy day here in Atlanta, the perfect day for old movies and napping on the couch, but not for me. I'm going to take my new cut and color out for a walk and let everyone see how awesome it looks.

Hrmmm, maybe there is something to this girly-girl thing after all!

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