Thursday, March 3, 2011 baby's got a secret

When I created this blog I decided that it was going to be a space for me to say what I am thinking, good or bad so I haven't told anyone in my family or circle of friends that I am here. Honestly, I am puzzled as to why I haven't. Am I worried that in the future I'll need to say something and won't feel like this is a safe space? Am I just interested in having a little piece of myself that my inner circle doesn't know about, which is a bit absurd as usually (other than very private things) I am an open book. So, I wonder what do others in my position do. Do you let your family or friends accidently stumble upon the blog and let the chips fall where they may OR do you get it all out in the open now with the disclaimer of you might not like what you are going to read? Do you censor your thoughts for fear that Great Aunt Myrtle will really know what you think of her waste of space son?

I don't even know if there is anyone reading this or if I am just shouting into a vaccuum but if you are there, how do you handle your blogging?

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  1. I found you! :) Blogging is weird. It's somewhat narcissistic (did I actually spell that right?!), and I like to think that I do it for me, yet there's an audience so it's not exactly like a diary or journal. Sort of. Then you have to decide how much to share, what's too much, should I even care... etc.

    IMHO, I think it should be whatever YOU want it to be since it's not your job, it's not how you earn money, and is ultimately something for you. How you define that is also up to you. Like I said, it's weird.

    And I always feel a bit guilty for not blogging more. Which is silly, but there you have it. My two cents on this crazy little thing we call blogging (which is a term I sort of hate, but whatcha gonna do?).