Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do Over

I want a do-over when it comes to this weekend. Yesterday, after writing my last blog post, I started to see wavy lines out of the corner of my eye and I knew a migraine was about to hit. I rushed to take my migraine medicine but unfortunately the medicine was no match for the cause of my headache: barometric pressure. So, instead of spending the day celebrating my MIL's 70th birthday I spent it in bed, curled into a ball, crying in pain. The vision and speech disturbances that come with my migraines only last half an hour but the intense headache lasts for two days which meant that I also couldn't celebrate my brother's 30th birthday today.

I try to avoid the things that trigger my migraines and am lucky most of the time to catch them before they get too bad but I was too slow yesterday. Thanks to that slowness I missed out on celebrating two people who I really love. I am hereby submitting my request for a turn back of the clock to Friday night, back when I had a whole weekend ahead of me and was looking forward to visits with family members and delicious birthday cake. I know, pipe dream on the do-over but my request for birthday cake still stands.

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